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While it is still August as I write this and the weather is back to resembling August rather than October, Autumn is just around the corner. The leaves are still green across the track from the Scale Cabinetmaker workshop, but we look forward to watching the colors change and quality of light shift as the sun travels a different route.

When The Scale Cabinetmaker was still being published quarterly, August meant Christmas as we shot the front cover art for the November issue and planned the content around the seasonal events of November and December. With our shift towards puzzle production in the workshop, Christmas season starts just after Labor Day as we begin designing one-of-a-kind, wooden 3-D puzzles and work with local craftsmen/women to create toys seen no where else. The new products won't be available until December 1 when the rest of the depot transforms for the holiday season, and we bring out the new products, from great infant gear from the creative mind of Jess to the one-of-a-kind, magical stick horses from James in Giles County, to the wonderful cloth dolls with the hand-painted faces from Pat.

In the meantime:

  • Check out our Specials Page for this Autumn's Specials;
  • Peruse the list of Saturday classes (our typical mixture of art, science, math, and geography);
  • Keep an eye out for our Autumn special events (including this year's Ghost Ride) in October;
  • Stop by during the week and pick up some of Sam's free Printables...a different one every week;
  • Follow Sam the Depot Elves adventures, play games, solve puzzles, and watch movies on the Cambria Toy Station's blog: Sam's Curiosity Cabinet / Toy Talk; and
  • Take care of Christmas shopping with our Melissa & Doug Wishbook program (and potentially save a whole bunch on your shopping).

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