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Object vs. Experience

Think back on your own childhood. What do you remember most? For most of us, our memories are tied to people or actions rather than objects. We may not remember a specific game, but remember the experience of playing, especially when family members were involved. We remember building our first kite, but may not remember what it actually looked like. We remember the sound of a voice, but may not remember the first book read to us. We remember family members bent over looking for the "right" piece, but may not remember the first jigsaw puzzle spread out on the diningroom table. We remember the joy of making something, although we may not remember the first thing we built or designed or made.

Thinking in terms of "Experience"

Over the years (we've now being doing this for close to eight years and hope to be doing it for many more), we have noticed customers who come in and have no idea what they are looking for. Our first two questions are usually 1) What is the person (large or small) interested in, and 2) What experience would you like him or her to have? In short, what is the take-away? It may be laughter or exploration or learning a new skill. It may be passing on a new skill or interest the buyer had as a child, or encouraging creativity or innovation. It may be as simple as wanting to spend more time or doing something that draws the family together.

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