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Gardening Season

Decorate a Flower Pot to brighten the patio or porch.

Make Wind Chimes or Stepping Stones (a Great Easter present for Grandma or your favorite gardener).

Build a Bird Feeder
or a Bird House for your parent's yard.

Pick up your gardening gloves, floppy hats, shovels, rakes, carts, trowels, and very cool watering cans.


Perhaps it is not surprising that we are focusing on gardens during the month of April. From carts to trowels, shovels to gloves, watering cans and bug jars and gardening sets.

April is the perfect month to help a child create a raised bed garden. Raised bed gardens are the perfect way to help minimize the amount of ground dirt in the knees of pants while creating the perfect sized garden. For some excellent instructions on raised bed gardens, check out the information from the following sites:

Spend some time checking out the local nurseries. While Lowes, Walmart, and Home Depot carry plants, the plants are probably not local, so are not likely to acclimated to local conditions. Make sure to ask where the plants were raised.

One last thing, according to our favorite neighborhood gardener, you should never put out tomato plants (and some other stuff) before May 10th. We figure since he grows the most magnificent garden that he probably knows something about local frost conditions.

Gardening Sites for Kids:




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