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Go to your studio & make stuff:
A collection of very cool sites with very cool projects.

This is the section of the site where 1) you can get your hands dirty and 2) we get to encourage family-based hobbies and activities. Whether staging family puppet shows or holding a family story time, playing a game or solving a puzzle, building a structure or a sculpture, or creating new toys or exploring the world beyond the window, hobbies and family activities build memories and skills.

While we like to think we carry some of the coolest toys around, many of the coolest toys do not require a large investment beyond the purchase of some wood, carpenters’ glue, string, index paper or bristol board, cloth, socks, needle and thread, brown paper bags, cardboard boxes, scissors, a hobby knife, a ruler, sandpaper, and a coping or miter saw. A few require the use of power saws (a great opportunity to teach tool safety).

We scoured the internet for cool projects and scoured our memories for the projects we learned from our parents. Click on the list of subjects below to get started. Enjoy!

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