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The Curiosity Calendar: April, 2017

A curiosity calendar is an odd assortment of things half forgotten or never known–events, people, critters, science, the arts.  It started off looking like a calendar until we discovered that what we wanted to paste into the small boxes only worked the way it was designed on a 20″+ computer screen. So now it works more like the monthly overview in a day book.

April 3 Celebrate the Pony Express! The first post sent via Pony Express left St. Joseph, Missouri on April 3, 1860 and arrived in Sacramento, California on April 13.

Places to Go:

  • The Pony Express National Museum, St. Joe, Missouri
  • Follow the Pony Express National Historic Trail across Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California. (A really great summer trip if you are looking for something to do this year.) You can take long or short hikes, camp, visit  five separate museums in Missouri, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The folks from the National Park Service have included a handy auto tour with routes and driving tours. Since it took the express riders 10 days to make the trip, plan on taking some side trips along the way. In addition to following the Trail, you can also visit

  • Nebraska
    • Hebron, Nebraska–The World’s 2nd Largest Porch Swing (seats 24)–located in Roosevelt Park. Hebron also has the Arrowhead Gardens/Arboretum.
    • Kearney, Nebraska–Home of a lrather large oxen pulling a prairie schooner (an outdoor statue). You can visit the Classic Car Collection (for those who like old vehicles); Fort Kearny State Park (really a pretty cool historic site) and the Harold Warp Pioneer Village.
April 4  Let’s hear it for circumnavigation. On April 4, 1581, Queen Elizabeth knighted Sir Francis Drake “Sir.” He didn’t get the title until she slapped his shoulders with a sword.
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