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Given that The Cambria Toy Station is owned by a publishing company, it is not, perhaps, surprising that we have an interest in poetry, stories, and storytelling. This particular section of the website is likely to be enormous because of the wide range of available materials. Watch for frequent updates and whole new categories.

Mythology & Folklore

  • Folklore and Mythology Electroni Texts. An online collection, compiled by D.L. Ashliman at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • American Folklore. The site includes everything from Tall Tales and Campfire Stories to Ghost Stories, Jokes, and Urban Legends. This is a terrific site!

Children’s Literature

  • Storynory: Free Audio Stories for Kids (and a whole lot more). The site includes audio books, printed stories and novels, and activities. One of the nice things about this site is that the actual book chapters are reprinted on the same page as the audio recording, so kids can read along while they listen. The recordings are excellent.

Children’s Poetry

Children’s Plays & Theater

Creative Writing

Puppets & Stories

Writing Aids

Journaling (For kids and adults)

Journaling is the meeting point between writing and art–the marriage of written and visual language. The journal is the point of play for writers, artists, musicians, scientists, archaeologists, and a whole host of other folks. It is a great place to collect observations, explore ideas, and reach beyond. Rules do not apply in journals. Sentences sprawl or stomp through bullet points. No one cares if your sketch of a dinosaur looks more like a turtle with a horse head. One caveat, however: journals are not diaries (those bound books with small clasps and smaller keys where one records the daily bouts with the mundane…weather, gossip from the grocery store, shopping lists, etc. 

  • Journal Buddies. From journaling ideas and prompts, to instructions on how to get started….a good place to start the process.
  • Journal Writing: The Basics. Primarily a collection of links to online journaling and writing resources.
  • 1000 Journals Project. While not, per se, written for kids, it is a fascinating site and may provide some great ideas. Warning: the site does take awhile to load.
  • Creative JournalAn absolutely wonderful site, however parental discretion is advised. While there a number of entries / articles / videos that are appropriate, there are some that we would not recommend for kids under the age of 12.

Language Games & Puzzles

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