Summertime….and the reading is…. 

The Readers’ Program (For Kids and Adults)

Let’s face it…there is nothing better than lying in a hammock, lounging on a porch swing, or sitting on the beach reading a book. It is the perfect activity for days when it is too darn hot. Summer and books go together.

Stop by the depot and register for our Reader’s Program…A great way to pick up plenty of summer reading (that you won’t have to worry about if you accidentally drop it in the pool or you leave behind when you come home from the beach).

Fiction. Non-Fiction. Children’s Books. Hardbound. Softbound. Paperbacks.

Find great books at a great price.


Here is how it works…

  1. Stop by the desk and register (we’ll fill out an index card–name, email, favorite types or authors).
  2. Find a book or books you want to read.
  3. Every fifth book you buy (average value or less) is on the house. If the fifth book you pick up is more expensive than your average, we will only charge you the difference. So, say you pick up four books and $4.00 each (average $4) and you pick up one as your fifth book  that is priced at $6.00, we’ll subtract the average and only charge you $2). We’ll keep a running average on your card.  If it is priced at $4 of less, we give you the book for free.
  4. We keep your card on file, so you don’t have to remember how many books you have picked up or calculate your average.
  5. Once a month, you will get an email newsletter updating you on “new” books to the shop and any happenings in Cambria.
  6. For children, on their first visit, they get a free book. After that, every 5th book is free.

While we accept cards, remember that we give a .053% (5.3%) discount on all purchases paid for by cash or check.

The net proceeds from the bookshop go to help to keep the building standing.


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