We thank you for your contribution to help maintain the Depot. While the toy store and used book store help with much of the day-to-day maintenance required to keep part of the building accessible to the public. They do not generate the types of funds needed for painting the building and carpentry.

All of the wood for repairs must be custom cut because they just do not cut boards like they use to do. We have to watch for opportunities to purchase pieces of American Chestnut wood and have it stored for repairs, and the same holds true for the “rolled glass” that is used in the windows. Then there are the issues related to trying to find hardware! Occasionally, we can find some used hardware that is still functional. More and more often though, we are having to revert to new “antique style” hardware.

As the railroad bed and the town’s road bed have increased in height, drainage and flooding of the building have been a problem. During any heavy rains, we have to patrol outside with rakes and shovels to keep the drains open to prevent damage to the building.

The building has a rich history as does the community around it. We will continue to do all that we can to maintain the building and to maintain public access to parts of the building.

Thank you again for helping us get the job done and keep the Depot and Cambria, VA history alive.

For more information about the Depot contact Meghan H. Dorsett (email: dorsettpublications1@verizon.net or phone: 1-540-382-6431)

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