Chronicle Books, Galison, and Mudpuppy

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Perhaps because we are a publishing company, we think that publishing companies rock (and also produce some of the coolest things. We have been carrying Chronicle, Galison, and Mudpuppy for a couple of years, and their products always astound us. From language and storytelling games to construction sets and magnetics to puzzles and odd ends, their products are beautifully designed and inspire creativity. We are especially fond of their art and activity books. This year is no exception. Given the number of things we ordered from Chronicle, below is just a partial list…

Constructibles: Our November Product of the Month

Constructibles are card building sets, are far lighter weight and have larger pieces than the average lego set (and not nearly as painful if stepped on) and are a great addition to a child’s construction repertoire  or a office desk.

construct3 construct2 construct1

Go To Your Studio…

amart artplay craftcolor inventions      fantascollectcb fantascitiescb  enchanforest archidoodletrainmagnetic mythicalbeastsmagneticorigamiplayhouse

Play a Game

zazazoom word punchout listography ick

Go On An Adventure

globe fairydice piratedice pirateslog space spaceships storybox worldexplorer ghoststoryprincesses

Or Solve a Puzzle

flwballoonspuzzle flwhoffmanrugpuz skyhighpuzzle

And much more. Best of all, all of the products are made in the US or Great Britain.

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