Djeco Toys:
Creativity & Innovation

A new discovery for us, but a company that has been around for awhile. We are impressed with the both the quality of their products and their overall design. The company, founded in 1954 by Veronique Michel-Dales and operate by her son, Frederic, maintains exceptionally high standards for design and product quality and exceeds all European standards.

Pull & Push Toys

sciouc roulicuicui roulapicpullalong   niko     inou

Wooden Puzzles

lilo bildi oski

Jigsaw Puzzles

knight     elisecarriage

fairyelvisjungleobservation horsesobservation

Pop To Play: 3D Structures


Paper Toy Kits

A great way to introduce paper modeling to children.

truckspaper spacecraft prettywood mermaids dragons

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