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We discovered Family Pastimes when we first opened our doors nine years ago.  Family Pastimes is a family owned and operated company (Jim and Ruth Deacove) in  Perth, Ontario, Canada. They are, not surprisingly, a green company and a company that values cooperation over competition.  Their games may be relatively quiet affairs or completely raucous. Almost all of their games come with instruction on how to use the game in a variety of different circumstances and with different age groups.

This year, because of limited shelf space….we ordered way more than we have shelving…we brought in two old favorites:

Peace in Our Time

peaceThis game is really better for “group play” (6-18 players). Playing time: 30 minutes. Ages 12 and up.

The idea is to help six nations solve internal problems without creating either internal, extraterritorial, or international conflicts. Quite the challenge since you or a team are trying to balance population, land and natural resources, work and technology, religion, culture, politics, military concerns, and education.

It poses all sorts of of challenges and works especially well with Scouting groups or for Sunday school groups. The idea is to build a peaceful and prosperous world. You lose if you end up going to war.

Zen Blocks

zenThis game is a personal favorite in part because it can be played with up to 13 people or by yourself. I kept a set on my desk at the County. It was a great stress reliever and a real challenge. You can play all of the variations either solo or with other folks. It is, as the name implies, a very calming game…a great substitute for folks who are not overly fond of coloring.  It comes with 28 silk screened cubes and a small playing board, so it really doesn’t take up much space. The game has roughly ten different variations, plus an explanation of how you can play a version of dominoes.


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