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Hands down, Folkmanis makes some of the best made and the most innovative puppets on the market.  There is absolutely no question that they are the best puppet makers in the country. Their puppets are beautifully designed, their choice of fabrics are spot on, and they are built with use and durability in mind.

We have carried Folkmanis since we first opened our doors over 9 years ago. Over the years, we have carried monsters and dragons, armadillos and duckbill platipi, trees of various ilks, puppets that pop out of things, puppets that hide, puppets that calm even the most stressed out three year old. This year, we ordered perhaps one of the cutest puppet ever (the slow loris) and one of the scariest (Jabberwocky), as well as some perennial favorites (the jackrabbit, the packrat, and the raccoon in the trashcan). Stop in and try them out. We have listed our newest puppets below:

Birds & Critters that Fly

heron hegwiglittlebat


slowloris raccoon packrat littleloprabbit littlelion jackrabbit hedgehog

Sea Creatures

harborseal giantclam


littletrex jabberwocky

Check out our full collect at the Cambria Toy Station.

Want to know more about how some of our puppets work? Check out the videos below:



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