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Gamewright Games has much the same story as Family Pastimes–it started with a couple who wanted games that would be ideal for children and teach cooperation rather than competition.

Gamewright is one of our newer companies. We were impressed by the design and play quality of their games. They come with clear, well written instructions and lend themselves well to multiple levels of play. They, along with Brainwright Puzzles, are now part of the Ceaco line of games and puzzles.

New to the Shelves…(Added to what we already carry…)

Sneaky Cards


Cardventure (One Alien & One Pirate)–Choose your own adventure on cards…

stowaway52Do you remember the “Choose your own adventure” books? These games are based on the same premise. We are not sure they are exactly a game (although you do collect points) as much as a new type of book on cards. We recommend them if you are planning to travel and have loaded your youngster or youngsters in the back of the card. The games can last as long as 45 minutes (which takes care of a chunk of your travel time).  Be sure to pack some additional index cards in your “car activity kit.” The coolest part is adding cards to the deck and changing the adventures.  We have a deck we added third options to on most of the cards, which extended the game and added a lot more detail.



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