Guillows Balsa Airplanes

Guillow’s Balsa Airplanes

A few years ago, a Air Force pilot was visiting the shop, spotted the Guillow’s display, picked up a balsa airplane, and said “I learned everything I needed to know about aerodynamics from one of these.”  I thought he was kidding, until he explained how to create a scientific study by placing even marks on the wings and recording the effects of repositioning the wings.

We have carried the Guillow’s Balsa Glider since we opened the shop over 9 years ago. For the money, it is both one of the best toys in the world. Guillow’s released the first Balsa Glider in 1941.  In 1953, the company introduced the “Jetfire Glider.” With the exception of a couple of slight modifications, primarily in the packaging, the glider has remained more or less the same since Eisenhower was President.

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