A Book Chat for Cooks who Garden (or Gardeners Who Cook)

If you are a long term customer at the depot, you have, more than likely, ended up in a conversation about cooking, gardening, or both as you were checking out. Food, both the growing and the cooking, is a favorite topic, and is to vary degrees a passion, evidenced by the kale and rhubarb in the front planters and flower beds.

The Cambria Toy Station & Whistle Stop Books is owned by two people, Meghan Dorsett, who is originally from the High Plains, grew up with folks who make hot dishes, and subsequently knows very little about cooking–or at least cooking things other than hot dishes; and Carol Lindstrom, who is a Cajun from Louisiana and takes great pleasure in swapping recipes, tips, and occasionally hot sauce.  She is also largely responsible for the bird sanctuary and garden at the back of the depot. The idea for a book chat for cooks who garden (or gardeners who cook) was hers.

Come by the depot between 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on the 2nd and/or 4th Sundays each month and join in the fray. For the first Cooks Chat, Carol has a raft of tomato plants that need to go to good homes. Bring a favorite recipe with you, and we’ll add it to the Depot Cookbook (an ongoing collection we are starting this summer and which we will publish on the web). If you love to talk cooking and recipes, this chat’s for you!

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