Our Weekly Reader: Gearing up for Winter.


It’s that time of year…September 3, 4, and 5th

readersrock3For twenty years, we published The Scale Cabinetmaker.  Publishing a quarterly journal, or any journal, is a lesson in Sisyphus rolling the same rock up the same hill every three months. Most of the time, the process of developing a new issue, designing new projects, and working through the kinks in the next issue was enjoyable–that is until we put together the Winter issue with the Christmas cover…in August. While everyone else was still enjoying the heat and humidity of late summer, we were designing toy articles, decorating miniature trees, and wrapping very small presents (everything was in 1/12th scale). It has been 20 years since we wrapped the last issue of The Scale Cabinetmaker, but I still find myself humming “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” on August 1st and beginning to think about Christmas season.

This explains why we are gearing up for a Christmas on Labor Day Sale (September 3, 4, &5)  at Whistle Stop Books (also known as the “we really need to paint the roof” sale). I’m not sure we will go so far as to put up a tree (that does seem a bit excessive…even for a relatively quirky bookstore), but we’ll pull out the music, bake some cookies, brew some coffee, and haul out lots of books and stack them on tables.

If you are a book lover, this is a great time to pick up books to help you get through Football season, prepare for winter, and help us reach our $20,000 goal for painting the roof this fall.

Thursday Night & Friday Afternoon
Coffee Klatch & Readers Club.

It is that time of year.  Now that the end of summer is fast approaching, we are fast approaching “readers season.” The time of the year when the weather passes from hot and muggy to cooler and a bit more unpredictable. Kids are back in school,  Football takes over the television (whether you are a football fan or not). Political ads dominate the airways (whether you want to watch endless attack ads or not).

Reader’s Season is the part of the year, generally late September through the middle of April, when the weather may or may not cooperate with outdoor activities and television is dominated by things you do not particularly want to see (unless, of course, you have already switched over to Netflix or you have resigned yourself to watching a few months of reruns on TVLand).

If you are a reader, set aside some time on Thursday nights (7 to 8:30) of Friday afternoons (2 to 3:30) and join us for a cup of coffee (or tea) and some lively discussions about books. This isn’t a traditional “book club.” We don’t assign a book for each week. Rather, it is a chance to compare notes on writers, pick up some great suggestions, collect opinions on books, and generally chat about what you are reading.  You also get a chance to save on books (club participants get 25% off books from Whistle Stop Books with a membership card–free to participants).

World War II @ the Depot.

A special thank you to Henry Tieleman of Riner. A couple of weeks ago, Henry stopped by the shop. He arrived with a SUV full of books on World War II, thermal dynamics, and sundry engineering. For history fans, this is quite a collection. Be sure to stop by and peruse Henry’s collection.

New to the Stacks

We have so many new books, it is hard to tell where to start. We are especially excited about a couple of large collections we have received in the few couple of weeks–one included some terrific books on Archaeology, Art,  and ancient antiquities and another included almost a complete set of Stuart Woods mystery-suspense novels (thank you, Caroline and ARG). If your are a mystery fan and enjoy James Patterson, you will love Stuart Woods.






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