The World According to Sam

Sam is approximately five inches tall, has never worn anything other than red and green, and fancies himself as the the Mark Twain of his generation and race. Sam is an elf. Specifically, he is Scottish house elf who immigrated illegally to the United States in 1956 in a box of Christmas cookies.  Elves, as he oft point out, are magic and exist only in those spaces and spots where magic is woven into the fabric of the place.

He has been insisting for years that he deserves a blog of his own and complete editorial freedom. While we are not entirely convinced that complete editorial freedom is necessarily wise, after a brief experiment this past spring and summer, we have decided to give Sam his own space.

This is Sam’s blog:

Maps are Us (January 1-7, 2017)

In 1562, Diego Gutierrez and Hieronymus Cock created a map of the Spanish Empire for King Phillip II. Gutierrez was a cartographer and cosmographer for the Casa de Contración (a government agency tasked with trying to control Spanish exploration and settlement); Cock Continue reading →

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The Cabinet of Curiosities

It was a dark cabinet in the far corner. An enoumous cabinet that would creak and groan with age and weight. As a wee elf, I was terrified of my great grandmother’s cabinet of curiosity. It was filled with the Continue reading →

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